The Fitzpatrick Hotel in Washington, Georgia

Food and Fun

  • - Art Classes

    Connely Gallery

    Art Classes can be formed at any time with 4 or more students by contacting the Connely Gallery at 706-678-5638. The Connely Gallery is located across the street from the hotel and offers classes using a variety of mediums.

  • - Callaway Plantation

    5 miles west of Washington on US78 (across from the Washington Wilkes airport)

    Callaway Plantation is a historic restoration project of the City of Washington. History is brought to life for those who visit the tree restored homes, structures, farm and fields. Visitors can get a glimpse of the old agricultural south and plantation life. The plantation includes the great manor house which remains virtually unaltered from when it was built in 1869. A hewn log cabin, a Federal Plainstyle house, a smokehouse, pigeon house, barn and cemetery are among other structures to be found on the site. Callaway Plantation is unique because it has been in the control of the same family since the arrival of the settlers in the 18th century. Much of the family furniture and equipment has been saved and is on display.

  • - Washington Historical Museum

    308 East Robert Toombs Avenue (Phone 706-678-2105)

    The Washington Historical Museum boasts a large collection featuring Civil War relics, Indian artifacts, and a recreation of 19th century home life. The Civil War relics include Jefferson Davis’ camp chest, General Robert Toombs’ uniforms, and original photographs from the period. The museum also houses a fine collection of guns of the period. The museum itself has been restored as it was in 1857 and is furnished with many pieces from the period. The grounds have also been landscaped using an early garden plan and using plants typical of ante-bellum gardens.

  • - Robert Toombs House

    216 E. Robert Toombs Avenue (Phone 706-678-2226)

    Robert Toombs was one of the greatest and most influential citizens in both Georgia’s and Washington’s long histories. A successful planter and lawyer, Toombs led a turbulent career as state legislator, U.S. Congressman and Senator. During his service in the State Legislature (1837-43), Toombs helped establish the State Supreme Court. Toombs also served as Secretary of State for the Confederacy for a period, led in the war as a Brigadier General, and had ambitions to become president of the Confederacy. He lived abroad in exile for several years after the war. Upon returning to America, Toombs scorned the thought of accepting political pardon. In 1880, he boasted, “I am not loyal to the existing government of the United States.” He spent the rest of his days in Washington and always had his door open to friends and visitors. The story of Toombs’ participation in the events of the Civil War is told in exhibits at his restored and furnished home.

  • - Mary Willis Library

    204 E. Liberty Street (Phone 706-678-7736)

    The Mary Willis Library was founded in 1888 by Dr. Francis T. Willis in memory of his daughter and as a gift to the people of his hometown and country. It was the first free library in the state of Georgia.

    Architect Edmund Lind of Atlanta designed the sophisticated building in warm brick tones and picturesque profile of the fashionable high-Victorian style. Tall stained-glass windows light the high beamed interior where original furnishings are still in use. The central window, commemorating Mary Willis, was made at the Tiffany factory in New Haven.

    A valued relic of the library is one of three chests brought to Washington by the Confederate Treasury in May 1865, containing coins to pay off the soldiers who were following the government in its retreat from Richmond. The library also holds a special collection of genealogical and historical books.

  • - Resthaven Cemetery

    Located off Hwy 44, approximately 2 miles east of town

    Resthaven Cemetery is one of the largest and oldest cemeteries in this part of Georgia. Prominent figures buried there include US Congressman & CS Army General Dudley McIver DuBose (1834-1883), US Senator and CS Secretary of State & Army General Robert Toombs (1810-1885) , US Congressman and Physician Joel Abbot (1776-1926), and Eliza Francis Andrews, whose book, “The War-Time Journal of a Georgia Girl”, became one of the most famous memoirs of the Civil War period.

  • - Washington Jockey Club

    The Fitzpatrick Hotel

    The Washington Jockey Club ceased operations on December 31, 2018.

  • - Talk of the Town

    The Fitzpatrick Hotel

    Talk of the Town ceased operations on December 31, 2018

  • - CJ's Pizzeria

    106 E. Court Street (around the corner from the Square)

    CJ's is a locally owned Pizzeria serving authentic New York Style Pizza, Calzones, Stromboli, Warps and more. Their hours of operation are as follows: Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. Their phone number is: 706-678-6570

  • - Fievet Pharmacy Soda Shoppe

    115 East Robert Toombs Ave (Phone 706-678-2260)

    Sit down or carry-out. Hamburgers, hotdogs, milkshakes

  • - La Cabana Restaurante

    120 Ann Denard Drive (near the by-pass) (Phone 706-678-1515)

    Authentic Mexican cuisine

  • - Wings N Things

    111 N. Allison St (behind the Fitzpatrick) (Phone 706-678-6825)

    Wings, sandwiches, burgers, some entree's.

  • - Cade’s Home Cooking

    9 East Square (across the street from Fitzpatrick) (Phone 706-678-5586)

    Country buffet open for lunch daily.

  • - Deerlick Astronomy Village

    Sharon, Georgia

    The Deerlick Astronomy Village, DAV, is a unique planned community catering to the specific needs of amateur and professional astronomers.

    DAV is located in the very darkest skies in Sharon Georgia, far away from big city lights. Sharon is approximately 12 miles from Washington.

  • - The Washington Little Theater

    313 North Alexander Avenue

    For over four decades, the Washington Little Theater has been entertaining audiences with quality dramatic, musical and operatic performances for people of all ages, making it one of the longest running community theaters in the state of Georgia. Visit their website at www, for information on upcoming performances.

  • - Southern Scratch Bakery

    22 West Square

    Southern Scratch serves breakfast, lunch, and specializes in unique baked goods. Open Tuesday - Friday 8am - 6pm and Saturday 8am -3pm. 706-678-7233 or

  • - The Hot Box

    20R W. Robert Toombs Ave

    The Hot Box is the Food Truck Experience in an Outdoor Cafe Setting. The Hot Box menu features Artisan Breads, Gourmet Cheeses, Fresh Ingredients, and "Secret Sauces". Great Food, Fun & Great Service. Open Tuesday - Saturday for lunch and dinner from 11am to 8pm. For more information, call 706-678-HBOX(4269).