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The Fitzpatrick Hotel, a historic hotel in Georgia, is the absolute best place to host your parties this holiday season. Our team strives to provide top-notch customer service, gorgeous spaces, and all of the services that you need for your parties to go on without a hitch. Learn more about our facilities, the services that we offer, and some of the factors to take into consideration for your event, below.


  • Beautiful, Historic Hotel Venue

  • Gorgeous Facilities to Host In

  • In-House Services for Your Event

  • On-Site Catering & Bar Services

  • Centralized Location in Washington, GA

  • Discounted Room Blocks for Guests of Events



The holiday season is upon us, meaning that it’s time to start planning your holiday parties! Whether you’re looking to host a group of your closest friends and family or your employees and their families, The Fitzpatrick Hotel is happy to have you.  As a beautiful, historic hotel in downtown Georgia, The Fitzpatrick Hotel serves as a statement-making venue in a centralized area. Aside from that, it’s a place that you can guarantee your guests will remember for years to  come. If you’re interested in learning more about hosting an event at The Fitzpatrick Hotel, find all of the information that you need, below. 

Events We Host

The Fitzpatrick Hotel is a fantastic place to host a variety of events, and we’ve done just that over the years. The classic look of the hotel alone adds a special touch to any event, but the dining area and our attentive staff ensure that your event goes without a hitch. During the holiday season, we are a fantastic place to host:
  • Corporate or Company Parties
  • Corporate or Company Dinners
  • Community Organization Holiday Functions
  • Local Club Holiday Gatherings
  • Large Holiday Parties
Every event is different, and our staff fully realizes that. Keep reading to learn more about the spaces that we have available for events so that you can better recognize which room would be best for your event.

Our Facilities

The work that has been done on The Fitzpatrick Hotel allows us to make the most of the various spaces within the hotel. When it comes to events, there are a couple of different options available. 

The Ballroom

Our ballroom is a great place for larger parties. This area is ideal for 125 individuals in a standing, cocktail party setting and 80 individuals for a seated dinner.

Breakfast Room

The breakfast room at The Fitzpatrick Hotel can hold 50 people for a standing, cocktail party and 80 people for a seated dinner. It’s an absolute great space for those medium-sized parties.

Maddy’s Private Dining Room

If you’re going to have a party that is on the higher end of a medium-sized group, Maddy’s Private Dining Room might be the perfect fit. This dining room can hold about 100 standing individuals in a cocktail party setting and can accomodate 60 people for a seated dinner. 

Garden Patio with Outdoor Lighting & Heaters

When you’re going to be hosting a large group of people, our garden patio is the best option. This option provides you with the gorgeous view of the historic hotel with beautiful detailing in our outdoor lighting. The open space (with heaters provided) can accommodate 200 people in a standing, cocktail party setting and 100 for a seated dinner. Depending on weather, this may or may not be a perfect fit for your large holiday party. 

Facility Rental Inclusions

When you choose to rent a room at The Fitzpatrick Hotel for one of your holiday events, you can guarantee that our staff will go above and beyond to ensure it’s a party you’ll remember. Each facility rental includes the basics that you need to have an incredible party, including:
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Glassware, Flatware, and China with Catering
  • Free WiFi
  • In-House Speakers
  • Podium and Microphone 
As we mentioned earlier, every event is different. Let our team know what you do and don’t need for your event, and we can get it taken care of in advance.

Hotel Room Blocks

The Fitzpatrick Hotel is happy to host any guests that attend the party for an overnight stay at our hotel. If you’re interested in any room blocks for your event, we would be more than happy to do so. Aside from that, any rooms that are booked at The Fitzpatrick Hotel that are associated with a holiday party will get 25% off their nightly rate.


Food is one of the most important aspects of a holiday party. Maddy’s Pub is our go-to caterer for holiday events. Below are the menus that are available for holiday events. If you are interested in having a menu that is unique to your event, Maddy’s Pub does offer custom menus as well. 


Alcohol is optional for every event hosted at The Fitzpatrick Hotel. The alcohol for events is provided by Maddy’s Pub. If you decide that you would like to have alcohol at your holiday party, you can choose from the following options:
  • Cash Bar
  • Drink Tickets
  • Full Open Bar
  • Specialty/Holiday Themed Cocktails

Additional In-House Services

The team at The Fitzpatrick Hotel wants to provide you with the best experience ever. Aside from the services listed above, we also offer a handful of other services to help ensure your holiday party goes as planned. Feel free to ask about the following services if you’re interested:
  • Event Coordination & Direction
  • Floral and Decor Services
  • Table Linens

Make Your Reservation Today

The Fitzpatrick Hotel has proudly hosted a variety of events over the years, and we would love for yours to be the next. If you’re ready to book your holiday party, contact our team today. Have an idea of the date of your event, the number of guests that you’re anticipating, the room that you’d like to reserve, and whether or not you’re going to need alcohol or catering booked.  Feel free to reach out to the team at The Fitzpatrick Hotel with any questions that you may have! Our team will do our best to get you taken care of during this busy time. 


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All of our rooms are uniquely furnished in Victorian period furniture and have private baths. Several rooms have fireplaces, with complimentary breakfast provided by The Square Cafe. Why visit another place when you can visit another era?