Unique Wedding Venues to Consider for Your Big Day

The day that you get married is easily one of the best days of your life. Being able to stand across from the person you love the most and make the vow to be theirs forever, does it get any better than that? The team at The Fitzpatrick Hotel can’t think of a more beautiful moment. Granted, we are complete wedding saps! So I guess you could say it’s pretty lucky that we’re able to spend some of our days helping others make their big day everything they’ve ever dreamed of. 

The Fitzpatrick Hotel has been a wedding venue for countless weddings, and we are honored that people want to use this historic piece of Washington, Georgia for their big celebration. If you’re recently engaged and you’re in the process of finding the perfect backdrop for your wedding today, keep reading. The team at The Fitzpatrick Hotel is going to go over some of the more unique and beautiful venues that people are hosting weddings these days. If you’re looking for something a little out of the box and extraordinary, these types of venues are a great starting point. 


The walls of a library house countless stories centered around love, so why not make it the venue for your very own love story? If you and your partner have a mutual passion for literature, this could be the perfect venue option that speaks to your personalities and your passion. You can guarantee your guests will love the experience of going to a wedding that’s nestled within the countless shelves of a library.


In the last couple of years, farmhouse chic has become an extremely popular theme for people that are planning their wedding. This particular theme offers a welcoming, low-key look for the couples that just want to have fun dancing the night away. So, what better place to host the wedding than in a barn? There is a quaint charm to hosting a wedding in a barn, and they’re becoming more and more popular for a wedding venue. One thing’s for sure, they sure do make for a beautiful picture backdrop! 

Train Station

Similar to a library, a train station has become a common wedding venue because of the unique setting and one-of-a-kind story that a wedding at this type of venue tells. Train stations are large enough spaces that they can house many guests and they often have a historic architectural touch to them that makes them a beautiful backdrop. Unfortunately, they can be pretty challenging (and pricey) to book as a venue.


If you and your partner are big fans of history or art, a museum might be just the place to say your vows to one another. Museums are quickly becoming a popular option for individuals to book as a wedding venue, and we can see why! Museums are another out-of-the-box venue that really separates a wedding from the typical church and reception hall. There’s also this fun energy that comes with hosting a wedding in a museum after hours, don’t you think?

Animal Sanctuaries

We’ve heard about dog-friendly weddings, but a wedding at an animal sanctuary takes it to an entirely new level! In the case that you and your partner have bonded over animals and it’s a huge part of your relationship, you may want to consider looking into the various animal sanctuaries in your area. This could be a way to give back to an organization while also hosting an animal-friendly wedding!


Quaint is exactly what some look for when shopping for a wedding venue, but it’s certainly not for everyone. If you’re wanting to host an extravagant wedding that leaves people stunned at the image they’re taking in, a castle is entirely worth considering. There are countless abandoned castles that people are starting to clean up and use as wedding venues — definitely worth looking into if you plan to wear a crown on your wedding day.

Historic Sites

Now, we may be biased in saying this, but historic sites are easily one of the coolest places that you could host your wedding. Aside from the old-timey architecture and the rare touches throughout these buildings, these venues hold history! Whether you have a passion for centuries past or you simply love the classic look that was popular in these older types of buildings, a historic venue is sure to steal the hearts of your guests in a matter of moments. 

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